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About us: Branagh Development, premier East Bay custom home builder

Founded over 100 years ago, Branagh is the East Bay’s premier custom home builder. We build homes, and relationships, to last: we do right by employees, customers, and investors. With design, development, and construction in-house, we are responsive and agile to the market and customer needs.

About Branagh

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building the good life.

This is our vision, for everyone we work for, and who works for us and with us. For our customers, this means giving your dreams a voice, your passions a studio, and your needs a walk-in closet. It means planning with excitement, construction with confidence, and hospitality with pride.

Branagh Development office, Lafayette, CA

branagh by the numbers

Our roots are in custom homebuilding, but we’ve grown a bit since John Branagh started building homes in 1917:

* 571 homes in process
* $291M under management
* 77 projects approved
* 50 employees
* 34 active jobs
* 3 company values
* 1 shared vision

Recent east bay custom homes

why build a custom home with us?

Founded over 100 years ago, we have grown to become the East Bay’s premier custom home builder. Our strength is helping you articulate your dream, then bringing that dream to reality so you can live the life you’ve imagined.

With design, development, and construction in-house, we eliminate many hassles and delays associated with traditional home building. The result is a process you can actually enjoy, and stories you can smile at sharing with friends and family.

We build homes and relationships to last. As we see it, it’s not enough to build the right home in the right place — we also need to build it in the right way. That means doing right by you, our customers, as well as employees, investors, and government partners.

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our values

Build to leave a legacy
Bring a team together
Break new ground